Press Release: Single Market Amendment

Three Wirral MPs fail to stand up for single market The Liberal Democrats have criticised local Labour MPs Frank Field, Angela Eagle and Margaret Greenwood for failing to stand up for jobs in Wirral by refusing to back a crucial amendment to defend Britain’s place in the single market. An amendment to the Withdrawal Bill Read More

Woodchurch Road fly-tipping

Oxton Focus Team member Allan Brame has demanded action on appalling fly-tipping behind the busisest road in the area. Behind the row of shops and businesses next to Sainsbury’s car park on Woodchurch Road is an overflowing wheelie bin with rubbish strewn around it and further along the entry more bags are tipped all over Read More

Police action on Townfield gang

The Oxton FOCUS Team has taken up issues of anti-social behaviour in the area around the Townfield shops. “The behaviour of some youths has been intimidating and local residents have had enough,” Allan Brame said. Police officers have taken some of the ring-leaders home and spoken to the parents and Wirral Community Patrol and the Read More

The Opposition’s job is to oppose

Birkenhead’s MP, Frank Field, has come under fire from his Liberal Democrat opponent at the last election, Allan Brame, following his comments that Labour colleagues are “using guerrilla tactics to stop Brexit”. “I thought Mr Field was a member of the Opposition, but he seems happier supporting the Conservative government in their ever more desperate Read More

No sense of direction!

Merseytravel have recently added helpful signs to bus stops telling people where buses are headed. But Oxton campaigner Allan Brame spotted a problem on Talbot Road: the new signs near Ringwood had been mixed up and put on the wrong side of the road. Allan has been in touch with Merseytravel who have promised that Read More

The aftermath of Sunday’s floods

A number of properties were flooded during Sunday’s extreme rain storm – in some cases with sewage mixed in with the floodwater. This is highly distressing for those affected. Wirral Council is a Lead Local Flood Authority and is urgently investigating the extent of the incident. They are collecting information from households that experienced flooding. Read More

Sign the Oxton Society’s petition

The Oxton Focus Team is backing a petition organised by the Oxton Society to tackle the eyesore in the heart of the village conservation area. Since the former HSBC Bank was demolished ten years ago, the site has been derelict, screened off by ugly metal hoardings. Planning permission has been extended twice but, despite some Read More

Puzzle Corner

Let’s play Spot the Lamp Post! Allan Brame has unearthed two secret lamp posts in Oxton. One in Salem View is entirely engulfed by tree branches and dense undergrowth. Another in Redwood Close is equally hard to spot. A fence has been erected in front of it and tree branches completely obscure the lamp. Both Read More

Holmlands pensioners battle to save their bus

Pensioners living on the Holmlands estate in Oxton reacted with dismay at the news that Merseytravel plans to axe the 154 service as part of the Wirral Bus Review. Oxton Liberal Democrats have taken up the campaign to save this route. Their spokesman, Allan Brame, said, “This bus is an absolute lifeline for many pensioners Read More

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