Wirral Growth Company

Regular readers [to Eastham Focus] know just how much we enjoy digging round to get our hands on information. We’ve now found out that our Council has entered a contract to carry on with Wirral View for yet another year. Each edition is to cost £8000 to print and distributing it will cost £11,500. It’s Read More

Letter to The Globe from Phil Gilchrist

It’s a little over forty years since Wirral’s Council was created, along with the Merseyside County Council. The fast moving plans aimed at creating an elected Mayor for all of Merseyside are nothing less than another major re-organisation. The pressure is on to submit ideas by the start of September. Wirral is also under pressure Read More

Letter from Cllr Phil Gilchrist to the Globe

Wirral Council is now part way through its consultation on spending and services. A vast number of residents have received e mails from the Council – using names harvested from contacts over the years. Previous consultations have led to five or six thousand responses, with residents replying on the issues that concern them most. Ideas Read More

A Message from Phil Gilchrist

We faced a tough challenge. We weathered the storm of negative campaigns against us. We are delighted to have retained our seats in Oxton and Eastham. The Council’s finances, with money being salted away for a rainy day, barely featured in the campaign. The need for well co-ordinated and cost effective local services remains. Phil Read More

Allport Road facelift gets go ahead

We’re always chasing things up so that problems in our community are tackled. Last September we looked at the poor state of the rose beds in Allport Road. We asked for the weeds to be sprayed and the soil to be hoed to clear them. This was done, but the soil, especially by the Post Read More

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