• One gain in council by-election last night ...

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    Not even Frank Field could save the Tories this time

    In total Amendment 7 was backed by 12 Tory MPs, 247 Labour MPs, 34 from the SNP , 12 Lib Dems and six others.
    It was opposed by 294 Conservative MPs, all 10 of Mrs May’s DUP allies and two Labour MPs, Frank Field and Kate Hoey.

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    On the climate change summit in Paris, the Liberal Democrats have questioned how Theresa May has the nerve to show her face.

    Liberal Democrat spokesperson on energy and climate change, former minister Lynne Featherstone, said:

    “I don’t know how Theresa May has the front to show her face.

    “Her record on the environment is a disgrace. She has failed to take the ambitious steps needed to de-carbonise our economy and protect our planet from the devastating effects of climate change.

    “We will not meet the targets set out in the Paris Agreement without a far more radical plan, and she must know that.

    “In the last two years the Conservatives have consistently undermined the progress made on the environment, by slashing subsidies for renewables, ending the Green Deal and selling off the Green Investment Bank.

    “Unless there is far more investment in renewables, cutting-edge green technologies and the development of green finance initiatives, we will not see the environmental benefits or the economic growth from this sector that we desperately need. The government needs to re-introduce zero-carbon home standards and frankly show some balls on carbon storage and capture.”

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